Setting Priorities and Getting Results for the 18th District

Though the Great Recession has been declared over, many in our community are still struggling with hard times and an uncertain future. Years of unrestrained state spending created billions in deficits resulting in severe cutbacks to our schools and colleges.

As your State Senator, I have worked to correct the mistakes of the past by approaching the state budget in the same way we approach our family budget: save more, spend less, prioritize.

We can have a brighter future if we invest in education, encourage businesses to create jobs, and hold government leaders accountable. These have been my goals during my tenure in the state senate.

My first priority will always be constituent services—helping the individuals and families I represent resolve the unique issues they face while interacting with all levels of government. If I can ever be of service in helping you navigate the complexities of state and local government, or in any way whatsoever, please contact me.

I will continue to work hard and with humility in Olympia and in our community to honor the trust you have placed in me.


— Washington State Senator Ann Rivers